Popeyes Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich review: Popeyes gets a gold star from us!

The ultimate chicken meal is here brought to you by the king of chicken, Popeyes.
Popeyes Golden BBQ Sandwich - credit: Popeyes
Popeyes Golden BBQ Sandwich - credit: Popeyes /

Guilty Eaters, I hope your lunch today was as good as mine. But if you didn't also have the new Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes, it probably wasn't!

Whenever Popeyes comes out with a new sandwich, you can count on me running to try it out! The chain is a family favorite in my home. To this day, Popeyes has never done me wrong, so I had no doubts going in that the Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich would be joining my list of fast food lunch favorites. I'm happy to report I was right.

The Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich is available in three varieties: Crispy, Blackened, and Bacon & Cheese. The sandwich I ordered was the crispy one. I'm biased. I don't see myself turning down crispy over anything else. What can I say? I love a good crunch! In this department, the Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich does not disappoint.

Something I always do when I order at Popeyes is ask for extra sauce. Let's be honest, you can never have enough of Popeyes' iconic sauce! Not to mention, some locations can be a little stingy with it. That said, I did ask for extra sauce here so I can't tell you if the new sandwich comes with a generous helping of it or not.

Now here's where you may take away my foodie creds... Guys, I don't do pickles. We just don't get along. The new sandwich comes with Popeyes' pickles, but you bet I asked for none in my sandwich. Did the cashier give me a weird look? Absolutely. And I deserve it, but I'll never change my ways.

The taste did not disappoint. But I did feel it could have been better. Knowing that, for an extra charge, you can add bacon and/or cheese to it, I returned the next day to order the Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich with cheese. Guilty Eaters, this made a huge difference! It is delicious! Try it the next time you are craving a generous, satisfying meal. You won't regret it.

As always, prices vary based on location. In my area, the combo meal will cost you $9.79, which includes one regular side and a small drink. If you want the sandwich only, it's $4.99.

A. The new Golden BBQ sauce is tasty, but don't skip the extra cheese.. . Popeyes Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Popeyes Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich

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