Popeyes Honey Lemon Pepper Wings review: Why did I wait so long to try these?!

Guilty Foodies, I am kicking myself for not running to Popeyes to try their new Honey Lemon Pepper as soon as they arrived. Don't make my mistake. These are a must-have!
Popeyes Lemon Pepper Wings - credit: Popeyes
Popeyes Lemon Pepper Wings - credit: Popeyes /

My fellow Guilty Foodies, I come before you today humbled and humiliated. In early April, Popeyes released a new flavor of their already iconic, delicious wings: Honey Lemon Pepper Wings. Admittedly, I missed the news, but even after learning about this, I took my sweet time going to my local Popeyes to try these out for myself. I know what you're thinking, how dare I call myself a Guilty Foodie! I am definitely kicking myself for waiting so long, but now that I've tried these, I MUST tell you all about them so you don't make my mistake.

If our tastebuds could speak, they'd tell us that the best combination of flavors is sweet meets tangy. The Louisiana-based chain has added Honey Lemon Pepper to their growing wing sauces. If you are keeping count, the Honey Lemon Pepper marks the sixth chicken wing flavor. The other five are Honey BBQ, Roasted Garlic Parmesan, Signature Hot, Ghost Pepper, and Sweet 'N Spicy. Now, I have never sampled the Ghost Pepper Wings, I know my limits! I fear these may be too spicy for me. I do love the Sweet 'N Spicy Wings, though, the spice isn't overpowering and I love the touch of sweetness!

Well, step aside Sweet 'N Spicy, I have a new favorite -- the Honey Lemon Pepper. In some ways, the two are similar, but the ways they are different truly set the latter apart. Here's Popeyes ad teaser, which is sure to get you hungry:

So, how do these two flavors compare? The Honey Lemon Pepper has a stronger hit. When it comes to zest, it packs a punch. The word "Lemon" in the title should be in all caps. Don't get me wrong, you'll be able to detect a touch of sweetness, but only that, a touch. This new sauce is more for fans who enjoy tangy, sour flavors. The top question that friends asked me when I told them I would be trying these out, was -- are they spicy? And my answer is, no, not really. I would say these rank mild in a spicy meter. You'll feel a kick, but it's not enough for you to down a glass of water after each bite. Only enough to feel it and, most importantly, enjoy them without breaking into a sweat.

Want to dip your toes in, first, before committing to a large portion of these new wings? Why not share a six-piece with a friend? Prices vary per location, but customers can purchase six wings for $5.99, which means each wing comes out to about one dollar. Once you decide you love it, 18-piece and 24-piece options are also available.

These are in stores now! As I mentioned at the start, the Honey Lemon Pepper Wings have been available at restaurants since the first of April, with an early release via the Popeyes app and its website in late March.

Popeyes Honey Lemon Pepper Wings. A. The Honey Lemon Pepper Wings from Popeyes are more wild and tangy than sweet as honey! Fans who avoid very spicy flavors will love that this new sauce is not overpowering, allowing tastebuds to enjoy without burning up.. . Popeyes Honey Lemon Pepper Wings

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