Red Lobster adds Flavor Flav’s Faves as an off-menu, secret item

…that they sent a press release about.
Flavor Flav's Faves Meal - credit: Red Lobster
Flavor Flav's Faves Meal - credit: Red Lobster /

Red Lobster may not be saved quite yet – and in fact, the chain officially declared bankruptcy on May 20, 2024. But they’re not going down without a fight, at least if Flavor Flav has anything to say about it. The rapper/reality star has already ordered one of everything on the menu. And now he’s launching a secret, off-menu item called Flavor Flav’s Faves. Which is so secret, Red Lobster sent a press release to Guilty Eats about it. Shhh!!

"As a long-time Red Lobster fan, I'm fired up to bring a little bit of my own flavor to fans with a meal featuring my seafood favorites," said Flavor Flav via the release. "You gotta get to Red Lobster and give it a try because this signature meal is hype, boy!"

Added Sara Bittorf, Chief Experience Officer at Red Lobster, "When you have someone like Flavor Flav who shows their love for a brand by ordering the entire menu, you know there is a lot more fun to be had. Flavor Flav's passion for Red Lobster is unmatched and we're excited to bring our guests a flavor experience unlike any other."

So what is this hush-hush meal? Now available at whatever Red Lobsters are left (just kidding, there are still a bunch of them nationwide), you get Flavor Flav’s favorite dishes, all on one plate: Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Bacon Mac & Cheese, Snow Crab Legs, Maine Lobster Tail, and your choice of side. Just ask for Flavor Flav’s Faves when at a restaurant, and make sure to knowingly wink when your server takes your order, and they’ll get it right out to you.

As for how much it costs? Check with your local Red Lobster, because prices vary.

Similarly, along with the Flavor Flav’s Faves, you can also check out a veritable festival of crabs, because Crabfest is happening right now, as well. Per the PR provided to Guilty Eats, some of the items include Creamy Crab Carbonara, Crab & Lobster Duo, and Snow Crab & Crab-Topped Steak, all of which are new to the menu. You can also get a pound of crab legs with a Crab Your Way order, or get Snow or Bairdi Crab (which is not to be confused with Cardi B) in three flavors: steamed, garlic butter, or cajun butter.

Like the above, prices vary, and are higher in Times Square, Hawaii, Reno, California, and Canada.

Both deals are available for a limited time.

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