Roy Rogers announces the new Wild Dill Chicken Sandwich

Roy Rogers is joining pickles and chicken together in their new Wild Dill Sandwich and bringing new Pickle Fries along for the ride.
Roy Rogers Unveils Savory Wild Dill Chicken Sandwich & Pickle Fries. Image courtesy Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers Unveils Savory Wild Dill Chicken Sandwich & Pickle Fries. Image courtesy Roy Rogers /

Roy Rogers, the western-themed fast food chain has been on a bit of a roll as of late. They have become pretty aggressive over the last year with new menu items and promotions that have raised their profile among foodies considerably.

It was just last month that Guilty Eats covered their Free Chicken Tender Day promotion to celebrate their revamped and better tasting chicken tenders. Before that it was a slew of new items just in time for the 2023 holiday season. 

Now they have announced a new chicken sandwich is joining their lineup. And they are going all in on the idea that pickles are the perfect compliment for a chicken sandwich. Say hello to the brand new Wild Dill Chicken Sandwich and Pickles Fries. 

The Wild Dill Chicken Sandwich will be available at Roy Rogers starting March 14.

Roy Rogers Mint Chip Shake. Image courtesy Roy Rogers /

So what exactly is a Wild Dill Chicken Sandwich? Well first we need to talk about their equally new Pickle Fries. They are literally exactly what they sound like. Pickle slices that have been breaded and then deep fried like traditional french fries. 

Now you take some of those and put them on top of a hand-battered and breaded chicken breast along with Monterey Jack cheese and Roy Roger's ever popular Cowboy Sauce, put it all on a brioche bun and you have yourself a Wild Dill Chicken Sandwich. 

According to Jim Plamondon, Co-President of Roy Rogers, it's all about trying to give their customers what they want. 

"“The bold flavors and crunch of the pickle fries on the Wild Dill Sandwich are irresistible, and we can’t wait for our Royalists to get a taste. The Wild Dill Sandwich is our first new menu offering of the year, and we believe it captures the true values of Roy Rogers – quality, variety and choice. Pairing the Wild Dill Sandwich with a new brioche bun gives our Royalists a flavorful experience that they will truly crave.”"

Jim Plamondon

Additionally, they have revealed that the Mint Chip Shake and Ice Cream are going to be making a comeback to help celebrate the arrival of the new Wild Dill Sandwich.

The Wild Dill Chicken Sandwich, Pickle Fries and the Mint Chip Shake will be available at Roy Rogers locations nationwide starting March 14. However, if you are a member of the Roy Rogers loyalty program and order online or through the Roy's Rewards App, you can get them two days earlier on March 12. 

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