Sweeten Up Your Easter Basket with Hi-Chew Dessert Mix

HI-CHEW Dessert Mix - credit: HI-CHEW
HI-CHEW Dessert Mix - credit: HI-CHEW /

Easter is near; consider adding a delightful twist to your holiday baskets. Hi-Chew has the perfect candy to include in this year's baskets. Hi-Chew Dessert Mix is an ode to some of your favorite desserts: key lime pie, candy apple, and strawberry ice cream. Take a trip down memory lane with each bite, whether it's the fall fair, the sound of neighborhood ice cream trucks, or a tart treat on a hot summer day.

I received a sample from Hi-Chew and decided to share the treats with my friends. To their delight, the standout flavor was key lime pie, which remarkably captured the essence of the dessert! With each bite, the tangy goodness hits you first, followed by a subtle yet satisfying note of graham cracker crust. I've never tried key lime pie; a lime-flavored pie with a graham cracker crust didn't sound appetizing, but Hi-Chew's Key Lime Pie flavor changed my mind.

My personal favorite was the Candy Apple flavor! While it may not replicate the exact taste of a real candy-coated apple, it's undeniably delicious. This innovative twist on the classic treat delivers a slightly tangy and crisp apple flavor, perfectly complemented by hints of sugary sweetness. Candy apples have always been one of my favorite treats, so it's no surprise this was my favorite flavor!

Even though vanilla is my favorite ice cream flavor, the Hi-Chews Strawberry Ice Cream flavor had me questioning it. It was a delightful indulgence, boasting a creamy and utterly delicious taste. Offering a refreshing spin on the beloved frozen dessert, this flavor exudes creamy sweetness, impeccably balanced by the fruity essence of ripe strawberries.

Though Key Lime Pie reigned supreme, all the flavors are worthy. They're so good that I only shared them with my friends so I wouldn't eat the whole bag myself and get a sugar rush. HI-CHEW Dessert Mix is available in peg bags and stand-up pouches. The peg bags are available exclusively at select 7-Eleven retailers nationwide, and the stand-up pouches are available nationwide. For a limited time, Hi-Chew is offering Hi-Chew Easter Egg Bites. The colorful egg-shaped container holds two bags of chewy candies, which come in strawberry, mango, and green apple flavors.

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Hi-Chew Dessert Mix is sure to be a hit in any Easter basket! Kids will delight in discovering these chewy treasures nestled among their holiday treats, adding an extra element of excitement to their Easter celebration.