Taco Bell Tuesday: Chicken nuggets are just what the Bell needs to bring back their kids meals

They're in one city right now, but could the Crispy Chicken Nuggets be a sign of things to come?
Taco Bell Chicken Nuggets
Taco Bell Chicken Nuggets /

When it comes to fast food, no one does it like Taco Bell. But if there's one thing the chain lacks? It's a kids menu. Now, thanks to Taco Bell's currently-testing Crispy Chicken Nuggets, we're hoping that they might bring the kids meal back to stores everywhere.

In fact, Taco Bell used to have a kids menu, up until 2013. The change was announced in a press release from the brand, and the reasoning was simple: "Kid’s meals are not part of Taco Bell’s long-term brand strategy and have had an insignificant impact on system sales. Taco Bell will continue to focus on new menu options that provide a broad range of choices and define the brand, such as the Doritos Locos Tacos, the Cantina Bell Menu as well as offering more balanced menu items."

But could the new Crispy Chicken Nuggets change that? Currently, they're only being tested in Houston, Texas -- but we're hoping for a nationwide roll-out, and that this will be just the beginning of changes at the chain.

Could Crispy Chicken Nuggets become a staple for kids at Taco Bell?

First, a word about the nuggets -- which have been tested previously, and are now in the second round of try-outs. The nuggs are made with white meat chicken and feature a coating of crunchy tortilla bits. This is just part of Taco Bell's recent focus on chicken (think the Cantina Chicken Menu, and you've got the gist) -- and seems like a promising one.

In fact, while the Cantina Chicken menu focuses on more high-end customers, chicken nuggets are the perfect antidote to the ritzier side of Taco Bell chicken. No longer will you have to go to two different places if your kiddos don't like Taco Bell. Instead, you can give them the nuggets, and save you the headache of making multiple trips to multiple stores. Coupled with the fact that you can get a 5-pack or a 10-pack, these are great for hungry kids -- or sharing.

But let's say worst-case scenario chicken nuggets never make it out of the testing phase. Taco Bell needs to find a more kid-friendly option. While some items can be customized and changed, it's basically the same ingredients over and over again. If your kids don't like Taco Bell... Well, you can't take them to Taco Bell. Sure, back in 2013 that seemed to be exactly what they were saying: it's fine, we don't need 'em if they don't want us. But times change, and kids change.

It's clear Taco Bell is trying to make a push for multiple different markets as they're offering cheaper options, too. Another great way to get in new customers would be to offer a kid's meal again. And it all could start with the Crispy Chicken Nuggets.

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