TRUFF introduces Buffalo Sauce, which they correctly call TRUFFALO Sauce

All the best things in one place? Yes, please.
TRUFF Buffalo Sauce - credit: TRUFF
TRUFF Buffalo Sauce - credit: TRUFF /

This morning - and this is a true story - I was presented with an impossible choice. After cooking myself up some bacon, egg, and cheese tacos, I stood in front of my fridge, the hum of the motor filling my ears, trying to decide whether I wanted to top them with the remaining bits of my bottle of TRUFF Star Wars Dark Side Hot Sauce, or Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce. I ultimately went with the TRUFF, ending a saga of “me pouring this sauce on anything” that’s as powerful and involving as the Star Wars saga itself. But now it turns out that perhaps I don’t have to make that choice ever again. Because TRUFF has just announced TRUFF Buffalo Sauce.

“Our take on buffalo isn't just about reimagining a staple sauce; it’s a reflection of our commitment to enhancing the everyday dining experience,” says Nick Guillen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at TRUFF via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “We thoughtfully combined luxury with tradition by incorporating the unmistakable, bold flavor of TRUFF with the timeless flavor of buffalo sauce. The result is a culinary masterpiece we like to call TRUFFALO.”

First of all, Nick Guillien: thank you. Too often have I yelled at products like S’mores OREOs (“why aren’t they called S’moreos?”) or Peeps Pepsi (“Peepsi is right there!”). To fully own the obvious pun of TRUFFALO sauce takes an enormous weight off my shoulders, and saves my children from recreating the “okay grandma, let’s get you to bed” meme live on a daily basis.

That all said, what is this TRUFFALO sauce all about? Per the PR, it’s “a bright and flavorful fusion of the sophisticated elegance of black truffle, the tang of vinegar, the kick of cayenne, and the lush silkiness of olive oil.”

So, that sounds about right. Buffalo sauce has a slew of variations, but it’s really the cayenne and vinegar that give it the distinctive flavor. Add in black truffle and oh boy, I am going to put this on everything. Probably also chicken wings, just to try it out. But also: everything.

TRUFF Buffalo Sauce is available online now at Amazon and in 6-ounce bottles, for a suggested retail price of $17.98. While the bottles carry the truffle design of the brand on the cap, they come in the distinct orange of Buffalo sauce. Or, if you prefer, TRUFFALO sauce.

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