TRUFF’s Memorial Day Sale will truffle the feathers of your run of the mill grilling

You can get 20% off sitewide on select items, starting today.
TRUFF sauces and collections - credit: TRUFF
TRUFF sauces and collections - credit: TRUFF /

Let’s face it: yes, burgers are good. Hot dogs are good. But the same old Memorial Day barbecue is getting tiring. Enter TRUFF, which is going to truffle the feathers of your run-of-the-mill chicken plans with a Memorial Day Sale – starting today – that will shake up everything you know about grilling out.

Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic. But the line includes hot sauce, mayo, truffle oil and a whole lot more that will surprise your guests and tantalize their taste buds while you sip a cold brew in victory this year.

The deal is pretty simple: between today (May 20, 2024) and May 26, 2024, just use the code MDAY20 on the TRUFF ordering page, and you’ll get 20%. There are restrictions… You can’t use the code on our beloved Star Wars Dark Side Hot Sauce (which is worth the money, trust us), or The Works, Digital Gift Cards, and Gift Wrapping. But otherwise, go hog wild. Or sauce wild. Whichever.

To give you a few examples if you’re not familiar with the line, pretty much everything is based in truffles, both black and white – though it varies by product. That means you’re getting that surprising dash of umami that makes you pause, close your eyes and feel for a moment like you’re somewhere else. Or, that’s what it does for me, your mileage may vary.

They’ve got a Jalapeño Lime Hot Sauce, normally $17.99 which is on sale for $14.39. A “Best Seller Pack” which includes their original hot sauce, White Truffle Hot Sauce, and Black Truffle Oil, all lovingly packaged in a Gold Foil VIP box, normally for $74.99, now $59.99. And if you’re all in, there’s a Jalapeño Lime Variety Pack regularly for $67.99 that’s going for $54.39 featuring the OG hot sauce, White Hot Sauce, and of course the Jalapeño Lime Hot Sauce.

I know I’m going on like a QVC announcer right now, but seriously, you have to pick some of these up. They may not change your life completely, but they will change how you think about your grill standards, while perking up your taste buds at the same time.

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