Try a Taco Bell Charcuterie Board this New Year's Eve

If you're looking for something new on New Year's Eve, try making a Taco Bell Charcuterie board.
A logo of Taco Bell is seen on the exterior of its store in...
A logo of Taco Bell is seen on the exterior of its store in... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Taco Bell has been a fan-favorite fast-food chain for decades and there are some items you can't help but love.

While most people don't associate Taco Bell with the holidays, you can truly make a feast out of some of the brand's offerings. This post actually came about because of a quote shared by Lance Bass when he was talking about his charcuterie board.

As shared via a post from Yahoo, Bass talked about his usual Charcuterie spread but also shared that he added Taco Bell to it as well: "But I wanted to get some bonus points…so I added some Taco Bell to the spread...Just the classic crunchy tacos. It's nice to have that nice crisp exterior, a little soft inside, and you can use so many of the accouterments to add to your Taco Bell." I don't know about you but I've never thought of doing that.

Since seeing that quote from Lance Bass, I was immediately inspired to come up with a charcuterie board featuring some favorites from Taco Bell.

These Taco Bell items would be great for New Year's Charcuterie Board.

Let's start with the item that Lance Bass featured on his, which is a classic crunchy taco. This is a crowd-pleaser from Taco Bell and rightfully so. I mean you can't really screw up a taco and the chain has darn near perfected it. In honor of that, I had to include it as one of the items to add to our NYE board.

In addition to that, I feel like adding nachos to the mix is a given. While the chips and cheese have a steep price tag, it might be worth it in this case. You could use both the chips and cheese as everyone loves a dip. In addition, you could also add some of Taco Bell's other sauces including their Spicy Ranch, Chipotle Sauce, or Avocado Ranch.

Speaking of sauces, you can use the sauce packets to help fill out your board. If you're only able to grab a few things, that's a great way to cover your board. Plus the fast-food chain usually gives you a decent amount or if you're dining in, you can grab as many as you want. Ultimately, it depends on how saucy you and your guests are feeling.

For a chicken option, the one thing that stood out to me was the Chicken Chipotle Melt. This is basically a cheesy roll-up with the addition of chicken and chipotle sauce. Due to that, it would be an easy one to cut up and maybe throw a toothpick in for dipping. Ultimately, there aren't many chicken options aside from either fanning out or cutting up a chicken quesadilla.

Rounding things out, I wanted to feature two items that can be hit-or-miss as some might want them while others might not. First up is the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes but just using the potatoes. They are tasty on their own so people can either dip them or you can use them to add volume. Lastly for something sweet, the only viable option are the Cinnamon Twists as they're cheap and have a decent flavor.

Ultimately, you'll want something sweet to help balance all the savory and salty items. Of course, no Taco Bell feast would be complete without a Baja Blast so make sure to grab a few or have your guests bring a bottle or to. If you do decide to make one of these, I'd love to know which items you're going to use!

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