Wendy’s $5 Biggie Bag gets Biggie-er with a free Frosty

Biggie, biggie, biggie, can’t you see? Sometimes your deals just hypnotize me.
Wendy's Biggie Bag Group Shot - credit: Wendy's
Wendy's Biggie Bag Group Shot - credit: Wendy's /

Hot on the heels of McDonald’s announcing their $5 Meal Deal, Wendy’s is upping the stakes on their own $5 meal deal by throwing a free Frosty into the bag. Not literally, I assume they are gently placing it in there so it doesn’t turn into mush.

In fact, while McD’s is just getting into the $5 value meal game, Wendy’s is celebrating five years of the Biggie Bag. It’s just a total coincidence they announced this the same day! Not the start of some sort of value-based fast food war that benefits the customers immensely! So keep at it, cough cough!

Or perhaps it’s not a coincidence. Per PR provided to Guilty Eats, Wendy’s notes that, “Since 1989, Wendy's has led the way among Kings and Clowns in fast food value, starting with the launch of the Super Value Menu.” Kings and Clowns… We couldn’t possibly be talking about King Charles III and the cast of Cirque de Soleil, could we? We could not, they’re talking about Burger King and McDonald’s, and indeed, both those chains are playing catchup with this Biggie Bag deal, right now.

If you’re not familiar with the Biggie Bag, the brand touts that since 2019 you have been able to get either a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger or a Crispy Chicken Sandwich, along with a four-piece Nuggs and a small soft drink. And now starting today, in the Wendy’s app you get a free small Frosty with the purchase of a Biggie Bag, as well. That includes a classic Frosty flavor, or you can try the brand-new Triple Berry Frosty, which has three times more berries than the regular Frosty.

The deal is available nationwide at Wendy’s restaurants now, but will only be available until June 30, 2024, so get cracking, deal hounds. This is only available in the app but can be used either for a mobile order or in a restaurant proper by scanning the app offer.

While not the Wendy’s app, the brand notes you can also get a free medium Triple Berry Frosty with any Uber Eats order of $15 or more. This offer has just been extended through June 24, so snag it while you can.

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