Wendy's adds new Triple Berry Frosty to replace Orange Dreamsicle

The newest Frosty flavor will hit Wendy's markets across the nation today.
Wendy's Triple Berry Frosty - credit: Wendy's
Wendy's Triple Berry Frosty - credit: Wendy's /

A new era begins as Orange Dreamsicle takes a seat to make way for a new Frosty flavor. The latest addition to Wendy's Frosty lineup will be a Triple Berry Frosty, available in nationwide locations today. The latest flavor is a mix of strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry flavors and is said to be packing the "juice".

The latest Frosty to join Wendy's first became publicly known five days ago, when popular junk food account Snackolator broke the news on Instagram. While this was exciting news for many, it also has a downside. It means no more Orange Dreamsicle, a popular item on the menu that was initially added in early March.

Although I am always interested in seeing a new release, I am on the fence about this one. I am a big fan of the Orange Dreamsicle trend in fast food places, and I will still be grabbing my Orange Cream Shake at Arby's. Despite my love of orange cream, though, I am curious to see how this Frosty tastes -- and what it will be replaced by next.

Recently, we've seen Peppermint, Pumpkin Spice, and Strawberry all have a chance to be featured as the Frosty flavors for a period of time. But now it is time for another flavor to home into the spotlight: Triple Berry.

Will this taste like cough syrup? Could it potentially have a Grimace Shake type of taste? These are a few of the questions that crossed my mind as I pondered the latest treat to hit Wendy's markets. I also have a feeling that the Frosty will be the perfect pairing item to go with the new Saucy Nuggets that recently arrived.

As for me, I plan to go in with an open mind about the latest Frosty. Am I still a little sad about the Orange Dreamsicle? Yes. But the Triple Berry has a chance to be berry, berry, berry, good.

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