Wendy’s Saucy Nuggets review: The new flavors are just more of the same

Wendy's has added more chicken nugget flavors, but did they WOW us? (Not so much)
Wendy's Saucy Nuggets - credit: Wendy's
Wendy's Saucy Nuggets - credit: Wendy's /

I’m not saying I judge food by its name, but I absolutely do! For that reason, Wendy’s new “saucy nuggets” didn’t exactly pull me in right away. But I finally gave in over the weekend and headed to my local Wendy’s to order the new Saucy Nuggets. After all, our nugget options at Wendy’s have only been classic or spicy for as long as I can remember. And I’m not about to deny my tastebuds something new, I just needed to come around. Am I happy I did? Yes, but I don't regret not rushing to it. These new flavors may not be mindblowing, but it’s nice to have more options, and tasty ones, too! 

The new line of Saucy Nuggets has been available through the app since June 3, but guests should begin to see these on the menu when they visit Wendy’s in person starting today. So what are the new flavors? We got not one, not two, but seven new flavor options! These are:

  • Honey BBQ
  • Spicy Honey BBQ
  • Garlic Parm
  • Spicy Garlic Parm
  • Buffalo and Spicy Buffalo
  • Spicy Ghost Pepper

I wasn’t able to sample all of them, so I’ll have to go back to see what I missed out on. I ordered the Honey BBQ, Buffalo, and Spicy Ghost Pepper. My favorite of the three? Hmm, it’s complicated. The Honey BBQ nuggets are a little too sweet for my taste. I know the word “honey” hints that we’re in for a sweet treat, but this was a bit much. Perhaps the Spicy Honey BBQ is better, but I don’t think returning to order these is worth the risk. These are not nuggets I would order again. 

Moving right along, the Buffalo Nuggets were just fine. If you have had Buffalo wings or nuggets before, this is more of the same. However, to switch things up, I’ll be ordering the Buffalo Nuggets whenever I stop by again. It beats getting Classic or Spicy. Speaking of the latter, the Spicy Ghost Pepper nuggs? Holy spice! If you can’t handle the heat, don’t get these. Next time, I’ll be ordering the Spicy Buffalo nuggets because they seem like the perfect medium between Buffalo and Spicy Ghost Pepper. I’ll keep you posted. 

Prices vary depending on location, at my location, the four-piece Saucy Nuggs are $2.79, the six-piece is $3.79, the 10-piece is $5.99, and the 20-piece is $10.79. 

Wendy's Saucy Nuggets. C+. Wendy’s Saucy Nuggs get a C+ for trying. These flavors aren’t bad, they are just not new or at all game-changing. I recommend these if you’d like to switch things up, but I wouldn’t race to Wendy’s to order. . . Wendy's Saucy Nuggets

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