What does Lance Bass order when he goes to Starbucks?

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Do you ever wonder what some of your favorite celebrities order when they go to places like Starbucks or even Dunkin'? Are you as curious about the things they enjoy as we are? Then you might be curious about one of our favorite boy band members - Lance Bass!

In November, I had the opportunity to chat with Bass about his partnership with Boursin, and at one point we ended up talking about his Starbucks order. One of the reasons for that is I am eternally curious and when I see someone drinking out of a Starbucks cup, I want to know their order.

Not only did he share what he used to order from Starbucks, but he also talked about what he orders now. In part, his order has changed to go along with his diabetes diagnosis, and that makes sense as he would need to adjust his diet.

What is Lance Bass' go-to Starbucks order?

According to Bass, his order "has changed throughout the years. It used to be straight black coffee." Then from the black coffee, he started ordering an "oat milk brown sugar latte" when those were introduced at Starbucks. Sadly, he had to ditch that order once he learned about his diabetes.

So what does Lance Bass drink now when he makes a trip to Starbucks? According to the singer, "now I am just a flat white guy with no sugar. It's all milk. Sometimes maybe an extra shot of espresso. And then sometimes I like to, especially during the holidays, put cinnamon in it."

All things considered, these are very tame drinks when it comes to what people can (and often do) order at Starbucks. But I have to say that this is also cool to know because if you are already a fan of the flat white, then maybe you are channeling your inner Lance Bass!

Are you at all surprised by what the singer orders (or used to order) from Starbucks? Are you a fan of the flat white or even the oat milk brown sugar latte?

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