What is Taco Bell’s Cantina Scavenger Hunt?

Basically, it's 10% off every Friday.
Taco Bell Cantina Chicken Menu - credit: Grubhub
Taco Bell Cantina Chicken Menu - credit: Grubhub /

Not to pull back the curtain too much, but every month here at Guilty Eats we get a nice rundown of what’s coming up during the month at Taco Bell, from deals to new limited edition menu items. But even given that, I was surprised to receive a push notification from the Taco Bell app teasing a Cantina Scavenger Hunt… And a cursory internet search shows that the most prominent result for “cantina scavenger hunt” is the one over at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World – not for Taco Bell.

So what is the Cantina Scavenger Hunt? And how does it work? Here’s what we know.

First off, clicking the notification will take you to a page teasing, “Follow hints every Friday to find the hidden BELL. Buy the item to unlock letters that spell a secret word to earn rewards.”

You need to be a Rewards member, and then you can find the hidden BELL to unlock letters. If you collect at least one letter you get 10% off – or all 7 letters, and you get a BOGO Cantina reward. The Scavenger Hunt starts today, June 7, 2024, and runs every Friday until July 19, 2024.

Once you figure out the hint (though there's no way of entering it on the app) – they’re all Cantina Chicken related, by the way – you tap “Play Along.” You’ll then be taken to the appropriate part of the menu, and all you have to do is look for the bell icon above “add” on the page for the specific item. Add the product to your bag, and you’ll get a letter for another word. You have to buy the item in order for it to take effect, by the way – and then the letter will appear in your app inbox. After seven Fridays, if you’ve ordered each time, the secret word will be revealed on July 20, 2024.

The first hint provided today is “This crispy shell has cheese inside and out.” At seven letters, you might think it’s DORITOS, but as our own Rebecca noted earlier this week, Taco Bell seems to have forgotten DORITOS in favor of Cheez-Its. In fact – spoiler here – the secret item is the Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco. And I’ll be honest, I’m not sure where the seven letters comes from. Cantina? Chicken? Crispy T?

Whatever their thought process here, the short version is you can get 10% off today at Taco Bell if you order a Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco.

Also of note, from today through June 9, you can get $0 delivery fee in the app for Rewards Members, with an order of $25 or more on delivery. So there you go! Free delivery, 10% off a taco, we’re all winners here.

Just remember: if you don’t order Taco Bell seven Fridays in a row, you won’t get that BOGO Cantina item at the end. So get ordering!

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