What's on the Crumbl Cookies shipping menu for January 2024?

Ferrero Launches New Mother's Cookies x Crumbl Cookies Collab. Image courtesy of Ferrero
Ferrero Launches New Mother's Cookies x Crumbl Cookies Collab. Image courtesy of Ferrero /

If there is one thing we love more than fresh baked cookies, it would be getting those cookies delivered to our door. Luckily for our sweet tooth, Crumbl Cookies is here for us with a full menu of cookies that they are ready to deliver to our doors.

On January 2, Crumbl Cookies took to their social media accounts to reveal the January 2024 shipping menu, which features some fan favorites including the return of their collaboration with Mother's Cookies. (In fact, Mother's Cookies even commented on the Instagram post to let Crumbl know that they were excited to be included in this month's menu.)

So what all is on the January shipping menu? We are looking at eight flavors, including at least one classic cookie and a few fan favorites.

Here is the January 2024 shipping menu from Crumbl Cookies

For the first cookie on the list, we have the Midnight Mint cookie. This is a chocolate cookie that features both semi-sweet chocolate chips, as well as mint chips. It looks and sounds like a perfect winter cookie.

Cookie number two is the Mother's Cookies collab which is a Sugar Cookie featuring a Mother's Circus Animal. Obviously this is a sugar cookie, but with rainbow sprinkles throughout. On top we have a white frosting and our circus animal with more colorful sprinkles.

For cookie three we have a Cookie Butter White Chip featuring Biscoff. This is another cookie on cookie creation, that they describe as "A warm cookie butter cookie packed with cookie butter pieces and creamy white chips." This one sounds delightful and we definitely might have to place a delivery order just to give this one a try.

Peanut Butter Cookies and Cream is cookie number four and this is a chocolate and peanut butter cookie that also has cookie crunchies. It is another decadent creation that we want to try this month.

Cookie number five is Original featuring M&M's. But what does that mean? According to Crumbl, this is a "tried-and-true cookie peppered with sweet and crispy M&M's® Candies." We don't really know what this cookie will deliver, but we want to try it anyway.

For our sixth cookie we have a classic that needs no explanation. That is because cookie number six is their classic Milk Chocolate Chip.

Kentucky Butter Cake is the seventh cookie being offered as part of the shipping menu. And it sounds like a must-try for sweet treat lovers. This cookie is describes as "A yellow butter cake cookie dripping with a melt-in-your-mouth buttery glaze." And if that doesn't sound decadent, I don't know what does.

For the final cookie on the shipping menu from Crumbl this month we have the Lemon Poppy Seed. This is a cookie we absolutely want to try as we love all things lemon. And this cookie is described as lemon cookie that has been packed with poppy seeds before being stuffed with even more lemony goodness. Then it is topped with a glaze of lemon almond that perfectly finishes this lemon lovers delight!

Now I don't know about anyone else, but this sounds like an amazing shipping menu from Crumbl and we think we may need to place an order ASAP.

What do you think of the Crumbl Cookies shipping menu for January 2024? Are there any cookies that have you ready to place an order?

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