Yogurtland’s PAC-MAN flavors review: Cherry Chomp vs Pineapple Power-Up 

Should you get the Cherry Chomp or Pineapple Power-Up PAC-MAN froyo from Yogurtland? This review may help!
Yogurtland x Pac-Man
Yogurtland x Pac-Man /

Gamers and froyo lovers alike can get their game on at Yogurtland this summer! Two PAC-MAN-themed sorbet flavors are waiting for you at your local Yogurtland. Oh, and you’ll also notice two new toppings, PAC-MAN-shaped and cherry gummies. These are the perfect summer treats, especially if you have kiddos. If you’re looking for a refreshing treat and somewhere to take the kids, Yogurtland is the spot. 

After learning about the new PAC-MAN flavors, I ran to my local Yogurtland to give them a try and share my thoughts with you all fellow foodies. Shoutout to Yogurtland for inviting us! So, which flavor did I enjoy the most? If you’re only able to get one, which one should it be? I’m confident my review will help you decide. 

PAC-MAN’s Cherry Chomp Sorbet vs. its Pineapple Power-Up Sorbet 

Let’s begin with my favorite froyo, the Pineapple Power-Up Sorbet! This frozen yogurt combines sweet and tangy, blending mango and pineapple flavors. The taste that stands out the most is the pineapple, but you can also detect a bit of mango in the mix. What I love about this Power-Up Sorbet, is that it feels very light. Even after finishing every last bit of it (hey, don’t judge me!) I didn’t feel stuffed or full. 

Of the two flavors, the Pineapple Power-Up Sorbet is also the most refreshing. It’s the perfect froyo to cool off to. I topped this with cherry and PAC-MAN gummies, as well as some real cherries and chocolate chips. Again, don’t judge me! Let me tell you, this froyo tastes amazingly delicious with cherries! I wish I had added more cherries and skipped the chocolate chips. Not because the chocolate chips ruin it, but trust me, cherries with the Pineapple Power-Up Sorbet is an experience!

Get the Pineapple Power-Up Sorbet if you are craving a refreshing treat and aren’t into super sweet desserts. 

Yogurtland PAC-MAN flavors. Pictured here: The Cherry Chomp Sorbet
Yogurtland PAC-MAN flavors. Pictured here: The Cherry Chomp Sorbet / a

As for the Cherry Chomp Sorbet, it’s a lot sweeter than the Pineapple Power-Up Sorbet, which isn’t a bad thing, but it will fill you up a lot faster than the latter. The Cherry Chomp tastes more like a sweet, cherry ice cream than a refreshing sorbet treat. This is the one my kiddos decided to get, and as you can see from the image above, they went rogue with the toppings! Still, they enjoyed every single scoop. However, they did have to call it quits and save what they couldn’t finish for later. 

Get the Cherry Chomp Sorbet if you are simply craving a sweet treat. 

If you’re still not sure which one to get, don’t forget that you are welcome to enjoy both and mix it up! There are also new spoons that go along with these, including yellow PAC-MAN, Red Ghost Blinky, and Blue Ghost Inky.

Yogurtland PAC-MAN flavors. Yogurtland flavors. A. I give the Yogurtland PAC-MAN flavors an A for successfully leveling up the summer treat game! These are a must-have. And don't wait because they are only here for a limited time. .

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