B-Dubs Express, Buffalo Wild Wings new restaurant concept


The spicy, juicy chicken wings fans have come to love will be even more convenient to buy. Buffalo Wild Wings announced the opening of B-Dubs Express, a streamlined counter service restaurant.

Consumer trends show that customers want more take out options. Busy lives, quick bites and convenience influence dining decisions. Responding to these changes, Buffalo Wild Wings announced its brand expansion, B-Dub Express.

B-Dub Express is a smaller, streamlined version of the traditional BWW restaurant. The smaller restaurant will debut in the Minneapolis this summer. Although a smaller venue, the restaurant will feature the wings that BBW fans have come to crave.

According to the company’s press release on Business Wire,

"“With B-Dubs Express, we are excited to deliver on Guest feedback and passionately serve up high-quality wings to satisfy cravings even faster,” Todd Kronebusch, Vice President of Market Development for Buffalo Wild Wings. “These first two locations in Minnesota will provide a great opportunity for us to test an alternative format and gain learnings as we continue to look for ways to meet the changing needs of today’s consumers.”"

The B-Dubs Express menu will offer boneless and bone-in wings. Additionally, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders and burgers will be available. Entrees can be paired with sides and shareables.

Since this restaurant concept targets take-out, the locations will partner with DoorDash. DoorDash will offer delivery of the B-Dubs Express menu items. Costs and delivery areas have not been specified.

Hooters did a similar expansion into a take-out driven concept in Chicago. Hoots offers the famous Hooters wings in a smaller setting with a focus on convenience and to-go orders. The Hoots concept was well received in Chicago. The B-Dubs Express concept seems to mimic the Hooters concept.

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No exact opening dates have been specified. Buffalo Wild Wings stated two Minnesota locations would open in late summer 2017. Hopefully, the restaurants will be open prior to the start of football season. Wings and football are a winning combination.

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