20 fast food and Netflix pairings for the classiest binge weekend of your life

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BoJack Horseman – Chick-fil-A

In one of BoJack Horseman’s funniest moments, the series featured a pair of chicken joint commercials that parodied two different types of advertising tropes. The commercial for Chicken 4 Days ruthlessly mocked edgy brands that try to seem edgy and cool by screaming at potential customers. The other takes a very funny shot at the kinds of companies that try to put a folksy, all-natural spin on their offerings despite their being identical to mass-produced corporate products. In addition to being deeply funny, the ad parodies are also oddly effective at making you want some chicken.

To preemptively satisfy any chicken cravings a BoJack rewatch may provoke, make a supply run to Chick-fil-A before getting started. Although their menu primarily consists chicken sandwiches, the company’s offering are surprisingly varied. If you want a basic, high-quality chicken sammy, they have you covered. If you want something with a bit more kick, their spicy chicken sandwich will satisfy. If you want a something the healthy side, they’ve got three different grilled chicken options. Combine one or more of these bad boys with some pleasingly tart lemonade and waffle fries, you’ve got a killer pairing for your next extended TV watching session.

Now, its worth mentioning that the episode that features the ad parodies poses a number of questions about eating meat products. As a result, you may feel uneasy about chowing down on some Chick-fil-A while binge-watching BoJack. However, the commercials themselves offer a comprehensive justification that should quiet any pesky moral anxieties. Do as the obnoxious Chicken 4 Days pitchman loudly insists and don’t ask questions, just keep eating.