What is the most expensive burger?


Which burger is the most expensive burger in the world?

So I am not going to lie. When I set out to write this post I thought it was going to be a quick and simple one. After all. What is the most expensive burger? You think it would be a pretty simple question to answer right?

Turns out, it’s not. When I did a quick Google search on the subject the first page of results, which you would think would pull up nothing but the same result, was filled with a variety of different burgers claiming to be the most expensive burgers.

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So I had to do some further digging and delve into what was really the most expensive burger. That wasn’t too hard, thank god, I just had to weed out the really old posts that were probably accurate at the time, but are no longer accurate now.

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And I found it, the most expensive burger on the planet. Brace yourself, it’s an eye-watering amount.

The most expensive burger?

Setting you back a massive $10,000 the “Seven Emirates Burger,” is the worlds most expensive burger.

However, don’t expect to go buy this monstrosity. Made with a saffron brioche bun, veal bacon, aged cheddar, seven spices, burger sauce and a complimentary milkshake. I love how it comes with a milkshake, “in case you spend too much on our burgers don’t worry, it comes with a milkshake.” This burger is not something you can purchase regularly.

It was sold as part of a charity event for breast cancer.

So while it is undeniably the most expensive burger, technically, because you can’t just walk in and buy it. It cannot be classed as the world most expensive. That record, according to the Guinness World Records, is held by Juicy Foods, who sell a hamburger for $5,000.

You can order this burger if you want, all you need to do is give Juicy Foods 48 hours notice.

Ultimately it’s a technicality. To me, the “Seven Emirates Burger,” is the world’s most expensive burger. Just because I cannot buy it whenever I want, not that I have $10,000 lying around, (I wonder if Tax or a Tip is expected on top of that?) doesn’t mean it is not the most expensive.

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What do you think? Is it the “Seven Emirates Burger,” or is the burger by Juicy Foods that is the most expensive burger? Let me know by dropping a comment below.