McDonald’s Canada introducing bagels: War against Tim Hortons?


Tim Hortons has always been the place to go for breakfast bagels. Now McDonald’s Canada is adding them to the menu and it’s time for war.

McDonald’s Canada and Tim Hortons are going up against each other for your breakfast custom. Those who have always wanted bagels instead of the muffins and croissants used to only go to the one place. Now you can go to either. It doesn’t seem to be an outright declaration of war, but it’s certainly going to pull a few people back to the Golden Arches.

According to McDonald’s Canada, customers have asked for bagels for some time. They’re lower in calories than a few other options already on the menu and taste good. It only seems natural for the fast food restaurant to start adding them. Of course, the question for Tim Horton’s lovers will be what type of bagels will be on offer, as there are so many choices in the donut shop.

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This isn’t the first time McDonald’s have fought against Tim Hortons for breakfast custom. Just recently, the breakfast menu has been extended to all day offerings, similar to the donut shop. A&W joined that war to put pressure on many other fast food joints.

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An excellent move for McDonald’s

There’s no denying that this is the best move for McDonald’s. At the time of writing this, a poll on The Star showed that just over 40% of the people sharing their thoughts would go to McDonald’s for breakfast. Tim Hortons came in second place with 10.75% of the vote.

McDonald’s has long been one of the considered places to go for breakfast. It was one of the first to open to breakfasts and offers a wide range of options for those who love sausage, bacon, and even vegetarians.

Breakfast items are even the third most common orders placed at fast food restaurants throughout the day. All-day breakfasts in restaurants have always been popular, so stretching to offering their breakfast options all day made a world of sense and is paying off.

This is also the perfect time to go up against Tim Hortons. The brand’s popularity has dropped from fourth to 50th place in the country. This could be due to the recent changes due to the minimum wage battle, but also due to other companies growing their breakfast and other food offerings. McDonald’s is wise to take the time to bring more business to its restaurants.

Tim Hortons will still likely have more bagel varieties for now. McDonald’s Canada is only planning on offering plain, cinnamon and raisin, multigrain, and everything right now. In Quebec, everything will be swapped for sesame bagels, which are far more popular with consumers.

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What will you order the next time you visit McDonald’s Canada? Do you think this is a declaration of war on Tim Hortons? Share your thoughts in the comments below.