Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavor names don’t quite hit the mark


Phish Food, Half-Baked, and Chunky Monkey are perfect names for delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It looks like whoever came up with those names is either no longer there or has run out of ideas.

Ben & Jerry’s has added two more flavors to its list of ice creams. This means two more fun names to add to the list of your favorites. Well, it should mean that.

Gone are the days where you get funky names like Phish Food or fun ones like Chunky Monkey are long gone. While not all Ben & Jerry’s names have ever been out of this world amazing—Strawberry Cheesecake is exactly what you would expect, for example—the names have been on-point and they’re excellent marketing material.

(Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.)

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Now it seems the guy they had is either struggling to come up with new ideas for names or he’s not there anymore. The two newest flavors haven’t quite hit the mark, although the flavors do sound interesting.

Let’s start with Keep Caramel and Cookie On. The whole “keep calm” spiel has started to get a little old. This flavor feels like it’s a couple of years out of date. Either that or it’s time to jump on the current Royal Wedding bandwagon and failing completely. Had this come out in 2016, I’d totally have bought into it as a good marketing ploy. Now it’s like wearing the tracksuits from the 90s two decades later!

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The second flavor is called Glampfire Trail Mix. I get the idea behind the name, since the ice cream sounds delicious. It’s chocolate, marshmallows, crunchy pretzels, and fudge all rolled into one. Considering my love for Phish Food, this flavor is right up my alley. But then it comes to the name.

Glampfire? Seriously? Campfire Trail Mix would have been perfectly fine to capture the s’more flavor. Hell, maybe just come up with something around the s’more name. There’s something about the word “glamping” that sets my teeth on edge.

All that being said, I’m going to head straight to the store now and get both flavors, because they do sound delicious. And it’s Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. There’s no need to make excuses for that!

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What do you think of the ice cream flavor names? Do they sell the ice cream to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.