Coffee husks now in higher demand than coffee itself


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, but the coffee husks from the beans have become widely more popular thanks to the likes of Starbucks and Costa.

Coffee husks are quickly becoming more popular than coffee itself, with Starbucks, Costa, and other coffee shops leading the way into offering something different. You may have heard of the husks as cascara, which is a blend of the coffee husks and sugar and turned into a syrup for your drinks.

It’s a surprising twist, as the husks used to be thrown away or used for cheap fertilizer. It was only when coffee bean farmers started realizing the aromas that came from the husks that they realized there may be a product.

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And it’s good timing, too! Coffee beans remain at an all-time low, due to an abundance of the beans. Meanwhile, the cost of the husks continues to rise. Of course, that means a higher cost for consumers who want to get their hands on cascara syrup, but it’s a good thing for the coffee farmers.

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Really, the move to using cascara is thanks to Starbucks, which started off the cascara syrup. It took something different and new and turned it into something that people feel like they need to have. Now other businesses have followed suit and the demand for the husks continually rises.

Some of the good things about cascara is you can get a hint of the coffee taste but without as much caffeine, making it even suitable for decaffeinated beverages. It’s also possible or it to have hints of a few fruits, depending on where it has grown.

However, the farmers are weary of the growth. What they’re worried of is that this is just a passing fad, so they’re not getting their hopes up too much just yet. However, it’s extra money in their pocket for the time being.

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Have you tried cascara syrup? What have you thought about it? Will it be the next syrup you try at Starbucks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.