3 Tips to grill the perfect chicken for the summer


Summertime is the chance to get outside and fire up the grill. Make sure you don’t get food poisoning when you grill your chicken with these top tips.

The summertime is a favorite for many. It’s the chance to get the BBQ out and start making more of your meals outside. Chicken is one of the most popular options for the grill, but the last thing you want is to give yourself and your guests food poisoning. But how do you know you’ve cooked it right on the BBQ?

You’ll also want to get the flavors just right and make sure it’s easy to eat. So, here are all the tips you need to cook the perfect chicken on the grill this summer.

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#1. Marinade it overnight

Start with the marinade. Even if you’re just making drumsticks for a kid’s party, the marinating is the most important part to get the flavors just right. Whatever flavors you want, make sure the chicken sits in the marinade fully overnight. Use a Ziplock bag with plenty of sauce and submerge the chicken for the best results.

#2. Get the grill to the perfect temperature

Don’t put your chicken on a cold grill. You’ll end up burning the outside and not cooking the middle properly. Either you end up with burnt-tasting chicken or the risk of food poisoning. Start by making sure you oil the grill panels and put the heat on. Allow the grill to fully heat up until you see the grates are literally smoking hot. Now you’re ready to start grilling.

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#3. Get the timing just right

Now this part will depend on the type of chicken you’re using. If you’re using chicken breasts, opt for 5-6 minutes of grilling per side. Drumsticks and thighs can take 4-5 minutes, but there’s never anything wrong with cooking for 5-6 even for a drumstick.

Wrap the drumsticks bones in foil before you grill. This locks in some of the heat to travel up the bone and cook from the middle and also makes it easier to hold the chicken!

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What do you like marinating your chicken with? How do you prefer to eat it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.