3 Tips to grill the perfect hot dog


It’s the summer and that means hot dog time. While a report may say that Americans are turning away from the classic dog, there are still many others looking for the perfect BBQ item.

With the summer weather comes the need to BBQ and, of course, hot dogs are the way to go. While a recent report may suggest that Americans are turning away from hot dogs, there’s no need to opt for just the store-bought processed meats. You can always pick up the delicious sausages from the butchers, packed with all types of herbs and flavors.

Whatever type of sausages you use for your hot dogs, make sure you grill your perfect hot dog. Here are the top three tips you need to follow.

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#1. Get the grill HOT

The first thing you need is to make sure the grill is as hot as possible. Use some oil on the grill panels to avoid sticking. A grill that’s already hot will help to cook the sausages evenly. You’ll also keep the skin on the outside softer, so the hot dogs are much easier to eat!

#2. Cook for 2-4 minutes

The exact amount of time you cook will depend on the type of sausages you use. Sausages from the butchers or the ones that look like real meat on the inside will take longer to make sure all the meat is cooked. You’ll want to cook for 3-4 minutes per side, and technically there are four sides to the sausages!

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Processed hotdogs only take a couple of minutes per side. They’re pre-cooked, so you only want to heat them up!

#3. Load the toppings!

Don’t forget the fried onions and your condiments. You’ll want to make sure your onions are fully cooked through and transparent before placing on the dogs, as they’ll release more of their flavors.

Mustard is by far the best condiment for hot dogs. You may, just may, get away with ketchup!

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How do you prefer your hot dogs? What toppings do you put on? Share in the comments below.