Menu overhaul at KFC sees vegetarian options


Vegetarians don’t get many options in KFC, except for a few sides. Well, that’s going to change as Colonel Sanders is bringing in vegetarian options in a menu overhaul. The catch is just on the location.

KFC is going through a menu overhaul. In an attempt to expand to more people and reduce the calories in its offerings, Colonel Sanders is going to start offering vegetarian options and some healthier sides. The only catch is location. So far, this change is only going to be in the UK. However, if it goes well, the menu overhaul may happen in stores around the world.

Britain is going through an obesity crisis. Part of the reason is the lack of healthy choices when eating out at fast food joints. Out of all the joints, KFC is still yet to add healthier options, such as the salads that McDonalds and Subway offer. That’s going to change by 2020, as there’s been a push from customers.

MOUNT PROSPECT, IL – MAY 10: Signage promoting new oven roasted menu items is visible beyond KFC signage at a KFC restaurant May 10, 2004 in Mount Prospect, Illinois. KFC Corporation today unveiled its new line of non-fried menu items including an Oven Roasted Strips Meal and Roasted Twister sandwich. In addition and currently in test in cities around the country are Oven Roasted chicken salads, Roasters flatbread sandwiches and chicken rice bowls. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

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The healthier sides will help customers meet their “five a day.” Meanwhile, the chicken alternatives will draw in the vegetarian crowds, who have to go elsewhere since chicken has always been the staple in KFC—the hint for that is kind of in the name, right? As part of the healthier options, there could be options for 400-600 calories a meal. The chains will also have a “behavioral change program,” which will help customers choose better options—although recent choices around the UK have proven customers are already good at making these better choices.

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This isn’t the first time KFC UK has brought in healthier options for customers. When the chains introduced Riceboxes, they became an instant hit.

There’s no word yet on whether the vegetarian options will be available in other parts of the world. Like how all-day breakfasts in McDonald’s were a trial in the States first, this could be a trial for KFC in the UK first. If a success, we may just see vegetarian KFC options worldwide.

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Are you excited about vegetarian options in KFC stores? Would you like this in other parts of the world? Share your thoughts in the comments below.