Chipotle’s bringing drive-thrus where you don’t order at the kiosk


Chipotle is heading further into the 21st century with the new drive-thrus. For the most part, they operate like normal ones, but with a mobile twist.

What if you could order your food through an app on the phone and then just drive to pick it up? Without stepping into the store? What if you could just drive through the drive-thru and pick up a pre-ordered meal? Well, that’s exactly what Chipotle is bringing.

You’ll be able to place your order on your mobile or online and then head straight out. Fancy tacos and burritos when you’re on your way home from the kids’ baseball games? No worries! Order it while you’re on the way there and then head over on the way home! You’ll get a time to pick it up, so you can make sure you plan everything well enough to do all your errands.

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There won’t be an option to order your meal at the kiosk when you get there like with traditional drive-thrus. You will need to make sure you’ve pre-ordered. Think of it like buying online and getting it delivered to the store for pick-up. The difference is you have a dedicated drive-thru lane just to pick up your order.

If you feel like you’ve heard of this somewhere before, you likely have. Chipotle introduced this initiative last summer in Ohio. The test seems to have been successful, since the mobile drive-thrus are now being opened around the country. Maybe other countries will get the same treatment if it continues to succeed.

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Mobile orders have increased by 8.8% in the last year, according to Elite Daily and that is only going to grow with this new option of picking up. Your whole day is streamlined, right?

Have you used the mobile drive-thrus yet? Will you use one when it comes to your area? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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The first new mobile drive-thru to open is in Virginia later this summer.