5 shakes we want Burger King to bring in after the Kit Kat shake


Burger King Canada has introduced the Kit Kat shake. This opens more possibilities of chocolate candy shakes and here are five we want now.

Canadians will be extremely excited to hear that the Kit Kat shake is coming to Burger Kings nationwide. It will join the two current chocolate biscuit shakes, Oreo and Oreo Chocolate. Of course, now that another shake has been added to the list, it’s time to delve into the Burger King shakes that we would like to see.

These are all shakes that have proven popular in other places or just sound like a lot of fun. They’re in keeping with the chocolate biscuit/candy theme. Here are five shakes that need to come to Burger King.

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

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The Skor shake

Who doesn’t love Skor chocolate? For those in Europe, Skor is a little like Daim bars and have become a favorite in our house because of this. They’re chocolatey, caramely goodness, and extremely delicious when crushed up and placed in shakes. This comes from experience since a local, smaller-chain frozen yogurt shop makes these types of shakes. This is the first on my list!

The Bounty shake

How about a bit chocolate and coconut for your shake? This will bring the taste of the Caribbean to your meal. Bounty bars are extremely easy to break up, so they’d make an easy option for creating to ingredients needed for the dish. Plus, Bounty bars have been popular additions for homemade shake flavors.

The Snickers shake

Snickers bars are certainly ones that many people turn to for a quick pick-me-up during the day. There are also so many different flavors now. This would be the perfect option to bring to Burger King shakes if they wanted one chocolate name but multiple different shakes.

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

The Twix shake

How about going back to the chocolate biscuit idea? Twix remains one of the more popular chocolates (and I find the commercials amusing right now). They’re just chocolate, gooey caramel, and biscuit that will all crunch up easily. Plus, just think of the vanilla ice cream with the extra caramel drizzled on top. What’s not to love?

The Milky Way shake

How about bringing the taste of the Galaxy to the Burger King shakes menu? Milky Ways are gooey goodness, filled with chocolate, nougat, and in some cases, caramel. There are a few different types around, again offering the opportunity to create two shakes out of one brand of chocolate similarly to Oreos. Plus, who doesn’t love nougat?

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What new Burger King shake would you like to happen after the Kit Kat shake? Share your thoughts in the comments below.