McDonald’s continues trend of choosing machine over human


The rise of automated kiosks will continue to grow as McDonald’s chooses to opt for the machine, rather than the cashier.

What was initially nothing more than a trial in Europe a year ago has gained momentum and is continuing to drive forward. The automated kiosk was a rare sight in McDonald’s but is now becoming a well-known tool in every restaurant.

And the automated kiosk is to become more frequent as the fast-food chain opts to use more of the machines over the cashier.

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Why make such a big decision is now the hot topic for debate. Is it to do with the rise in the minimum wage? Is it the need to move forward and become more modernized? Or is it something else entirely?

That reason, for now anyway, is unknown. Claims that it is nothing more than corporate giants attempting to offshoot the need to pay more wages in the long run by investing in machines now have already been made.

Yet claims to counteract that is equally as valid. With automated kiosks able to take your order the customer experience can be improved. Staff can be at hand more to handle inquiries and tend to others tasks such as the cleanliness of the restaurant and more.

I for one have experienced stores that have not had an automated kiosk and they came across as unorganized, in desperate need of a clean and more. Yet the restaurant that offered automated kiosks allowed staff to be on the floor more conducting other valuable tasks. That restaurant was clean, professional and a welcoming environment.

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But, not all McDonald’s that have automation are better than those who do not. There are restaurants that do not have automated kiosks that run a fantastic service and equally, those who do have the new technology, fall short of providing great service.

So, for now, such a change is one that should be welcomed with open arms and an open mind to see how this affects the restaurant. If it improves the experience then great. If it does not, and removes someone from a job, then that is another matter.

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What do you think about McDonald’s increasing the number of the automated kiosks? Do you welcome such a change? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.