Burger King resurrects the most iconic ad ever made, “Whassup!”


The most iconic commercial ever to be aired on television has been resurrected in the Burger King Budweiser team up!

Burger King has officially gone into partnership with Budweiser and together they are bringing back the most iconic ad to ever be aired. “Whassup!” is back. Announced today, Wednesday, June 27, the two companies will go into partnership, and in doing so, it will see the return of the 2000 Super Bowl spot ad that captured the attention of the world.

It will return with a bit of twist, but not one you will notice straight away. The ad opens up as normal, with the friends watching the game, having a Bud. The “Whassup!” soon follows and then, before you know it, The King of Burger King is joining in screaming “Whassup!”

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This will be the first time the King has ever uttered a word making it an even more iconic moment. All of this in an effort to advertise the launch of the new American Brewhouse King burger at Burger King.

The addition to the menu is to hit this summer and it is in partnership with Budweiser beer. The two are being called the perfect pairing for the summer and no doubt they will be.

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Comprised of a quarter pound of beer, three half-strips of bacon, onions, cheese, mayo and some “tavern sauce.” The look of the new burger alone makes you want to rush out and grab one right this second.

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What do you make of the new American Brewhouse King burger? What do you make of the ad? Will you be getting one? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts.