Dunkin’ Donuts secret drink menu: Here’s what you can order


Employees revealed that a Dunkin’ Donuts secret drink menu exists, here is exactly what is on the not so secret anymore drinks menu.

Did you know Dunkin’ Donuts has a secret drinks menu?  I certainly didn’t, in fact there is a lot about the donut store that I didn’t know before employees at Dunkin’ Donuts started spilling all of their secrets.

From how to get free donuts, to how to skip the queue, they revealed some juicy information that is proving to be extremely valuable, and there is one thing in particular that they did reveal that is super valuable, the Dunkin’ Donuts secret drink menu.

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Filled with delicious and wonderful creations, the menu is not advertised so freely, hence why it’s secret, but you can order any of theses drinks whenever you like.

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There are quite literally hundreds of options for you to choose from. You can mix and match, add your favorite shots, etc. The secret menu is a dream comes true for Dunkin’ Donuts fans.

Here is what you can get.

Dunkin’ Donuts secret drink menu

  • Hazelnut Mocha: Iced Coffee, Mocha Flavor Swirl and a Hazelnut Flavor Shot
  • Coco Berry: Mocha Latte with a Blueberry Flavor Shot
  • Toasted French Vanilla: Iced Coffee, Almond Milk and a French Vanilla and Toasted Almond Shot
  • Caramel Coconut Creme Pie Iced Coffee: Iced Coffee, Milk, Caramel Shot and Coconut Creme Pie Flavor Swirl
  • Frozen Snickers Bar: Girl Scouts Peanut Butter Cookie Frozen Chocolate, Caramel Shot and Caramel Swirl
  • Frozen Mocha: Half Frozen Coffee and Half Frozen Chocolate
  • Frozen Double Peanut Butter: Half Girl Scouts Peanut Butter Frozen Coffee plus Half Girl Scouts Peanut Butter Frozen Chocolate
  • Frozen Almond Joy: Frozen Chocolate, Coconut Cream Pie Flavor Swirl with a Toasted Almond Flavor Shot
  • Cosmic Cotton Candy Coolatta: Cotton Candy Coolatta and Blue Raspberry
  • Cosmic Pineapple Coolatta: Pineapple Coolatta and Blue Raspberry
  • Pina Colada Coolatta: Pineapple Coolatta and Coconut Creme Pie Flavor Swirl
  • Strawberry Pineapple: Coolatta Strawberry Coolatta and Pineapple Coolatta
  • Cap’n Crunch-inspired drink: Strawberry Coolatta with Cream and Blueberry and Raspberry Flavor Shot
  • Nutella Frozen Chocolate: Frozen Chocolate with Hazelnut Flavor Swirl and Whipped Cream

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So when you next pay a visit to Dunkin Donuts, which secret drink menu option will you choose? Will you regularly order of this menu than the regular? Share what you are thinking by leaving a comment below.