KFC adds Vegan options to their menu


Vegan options have been added to the KFC menu, but only in their Vietnam branches. Will they eventually come to us?

The home of fried chicken has gone Vegan. KFC branches in Vietnam have been spotted with new Vegan options added to the menu.

KFC has hinted at the idea of bringing out healthier options to the menu and even Vegan options as well for some time now, but this has caught us a bit off guard. No warning was given that this was about to happen, but with it only being in Vietnam right now,  maybe they had but the news just didn’t make its way over here.

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Thankfully we have social media and this is how the news of the KFC vegan options broke. A Reddit user uploaded an image of the advert for the KFC Vegan options.

The dishes are accompanied with the words ‘Chay’ and ‘Vegan’ next to them; ‘Chay’ referring to how the item does not include eggs or dairy.

"KFC Vietnam"

With this development in the KFC menu overseas will Vegan options soon be arriving here?

According to Plant-Based News, the UK is due to test Vegan menu options in 2019 so it is slowly making its way around. It could be assumed that if the tests went well in the UK then you should expect some Vegan menu options appearing in your local KFC soon after.

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Would you welcome Vegan options on the KFC menu? Or do you think it would be a bit strange for them to offer such products? Share what you are thinking by leaving a comment below.