Taco Bell brings the Potaco but only in India

Taco Bell India is getting a special treat: the Potaco. Yes, it’s exactly as it sounds, potato tacos! Wait until you learn the rest.

The Potaco is coming to Taco Bell. I’ll get the bad news out of the way. It’s only available in India. That doesn’t mean it can’t come to the States, but right now it’s not likely.

So, onto the good news because there’s always the chance in the future, right? Taco Bell India customers, you need to show that this is something the world needs.

The Potaco is more than just potato tacos. It’s hash browns molded into a taco shell shape. Honestly, it’s a dream come true!

According to Brand Eating, the Potaco is a vegetarian dish. You’ll get lettuce, cheese, fiesta salsa, and the “signature sauces.” The hash browns are also made with “Mexican spices,” just in case you feel like you’re missing out there.

Taco Bell India is charging 99 rupees for this, which works out to be about $1.50.

When you look at all the items Taco Bell is coming out with, it’s not surprising that the franchise won the Franchise Wars in Demolition Man. First the Nacho Fries, then the Caramel Apple Freeze, and now the Potaco? Whatever could come next?

Now if only they could be released worldwide. Honestly, there are people over here who would love to get their hands on the Potaco. Right now, we’ll have to make do with ordering hash browns on the side and making our own.

What do you think of the Potaco? What would you like to see Taco Bell bring out next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.