Is Chick-fil-A open on Labor Day 2018?

With so many fast food joints open on Labor Day 2018, it’s understandable that you’re searching for your favorite. Is Chick-fil-A open this Labor Day? We have some excellent news.

Chick-fil-A is one of those fast food joints that you definitely want to double check before driving out to. With the chain closed on Sundays and many religious holidays, it wouldn’t be surprising for some if it was closed for Labor Day 2018.

There’s some great news! Chick-fil-A is open on Labor Day 2018. This may depend on location and there may be some closed, but for the most part, you can get your chicken sandwich fix.

Labor Day marks the end of the summer for many (although there are still a few weeks before the fall equinox) and it’s a day that you want to get your burgers and milkshakes. Chick-fil-A offers a slightly healthier version to your guilty eats and you can get your hands on the delicious food and drinks on the holiday.

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Last year, most of the stores were open from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., so slightly different opening times to normal. This could be the same timing this year, but each store will be different. You’ll want to double check your own local eatery’s opening times and double check that they are definitely open. Don’t forget to call if you’re really not that sure.

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If you’re off to a BBQ with friends, don’t forget to pick them some milkshakes up. They’ll love you forever! The Peach Milkshake is the best.

Are you heading to a local Chick-fil-A restaurant on Labor Day 2018? Is yours open or closed this holiday weekend? Share in the comments below.