Burger King: Chicken Nuggets are being sold at 10 cent per nugget


10 Chicken Nuggets will only set you back $1 at Burger King, that is 10 cent for every nugget.

Attention Chicken Nugget lovers. Burger King is officially the place to be for all of your nuggety needs. 10 Chicken Nuggets will only set you back a mere $1, meaning there is really no point going anywhere else when nuggets are effectively being sold at 10 cent per piece?

Starting officially from tomorrow, Oct. 11, the fast food chain will sell a box of 10 Chicken Nuggets for a $1. There are very few outlets that offer such quantity for such a low price making it a game changing move for the fast food chain.

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There is no limit on the amount of nuggets that you can order either. So if you need 100 nuggets, just go ahead and order 10 lots of the 10 pieces and it will only cost you $10.

If for some reason you need 1000 nuggets, Burger King will probably let you do that to. You might get some very, very strange looks for placing such an order, and I am sure the grill staff will not be best pleased with you either for making them cook so many, but in theory you could and they probably would let you.

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So yeah, Burger King is certainly the place to be moving onto to get as many nuggets as you can. Assuming you haven’t gotten attached to another fast food chains nuggets already, I am looking at you McDonald’s, then you are all good to make the switch and pay next to nothing for a decent amount of food.

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What do you think about getting 10 nuggets for a $1 at Burger King? Share your thoughts below.