McDonald’s asked to stop Happy Meal plastic toys


Would you be ok if McDonald’s stopped the age-old tradition of the Happy Meal toy?

First up, this is only a UK issue. So, anybody outside of the UK can breathe a sigh of release, your McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are safe. For now, anyway, other countries may want to follow suit if they agree with the idea.

During the Conservative Party Conference in the UK, Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey called for fast food giants McDonald’s to stop giving away plastic toys in their Happy Meals. In order to prevent damage to the environment.

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Explaining that a child does not play with the toy for very long, will soon become bored with the toy, which inevitably end up in landfill; where it can take decades to degrade and cause considerable harm to animals who mistake the plastic toy as food.

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Coffey did make a suitable alternative for the fast food chain. Calling for the toys to be replaced with games that can be played on a child’s smart device. There is also the option of a book for kids getting a Happy Meal, an option already in place.

McDonald’s of course do not have to do anything. This is, after all, nothing more than a suggestion, and McDonald’s cannot be forced into abiding by the suggestion.

You do have to wonder though, should they? Should they change their ways in order to reduce land fill and potential harm to animals?

Of course, that then leads to the question, well is it McDonald’s responsibility to do such a thing? The toys are recyclable, so should the responsibility not be on the parent or child to recycle the Happy Meal toy?

It’s an argument that has valid points on each side, and one that will probably never be to put to rest.

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What do you think? Should McDonald’s scrap the plastic Happy Meal Toy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.