Rejoice! Starbucks Frappuccinos are 50% off today


Red alert Starbucks fans! This is no drill! Frappucinos are 50% off but only for today and today only.

If you have been having a hankering for a Starbucks, and more specifically a Starbucks Frappucino, then today is you lucky day. For all Frappucinos are 50% off.

There are a few catches you need to be aware of though so you better listen up and take some notes.

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Number 1, the offer is for today and today only. So Oct. 11, if you are reading this after Oct. 11 then I am sorry, but the offer has been and gone and you won’t be able to get 50% off a Frappucino.

For now anyway, the offer will probably come back another day.

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The next catch is you need to get your timing right. The offer starts from 3 p.m.. Thankfully, this post has been published at 3 p.m., so you don’t have to worry about arriving too early.

So quick, go now. Unless its after Oct. 11, then don’t. Don’t go to Starbucks after Oct. 11.

What you also need to be aware of is the size of Frappucino you order. It’s a minimum of a Venti, and of course you can go for as large as you want.

And that is it, follow those rules and you are all good for getting a Frappucino at half price.

Just remember to redeem the coupon at the counter, or online if you are placing the order via the app. Starbucks rewards members will find the coupon loaded in their account.

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Are you going to head out to Starbucks today? Share your thoughts just below.