Get a McDonald’s Canada Monopoly game piece without buying anything


McDonald’s Monopoly is back and you can get a McDonald’s Canada Monopoly game piece without having to buy any food. Here’s how.

The most popular game in the fast food industry is back. McDonald’s Monopoly is back in Canada and everyone is searching for the most valuable of pieces for the best price. But why search and spend your hard earned cash when you can get a McDonald’s Canada Monopoly game piece for free, and without even having to visit a store.

How often you can exploit this little loophole is not really known, but I am going to take a guess and say that it is more than likely a one trick pony type scenario. So here it is.

According to MTL Blog, this is what you need to know.

Step 1: Get an envelope, a standard white sized envelope will do, and jot down your address and place a postage stamp on the envelope.

Step 2: Get another envelope, one slightly bigger than the first, in order for the first envelope to be placed inside, and then write down the address:

2018 MONOPOLY® “Coast to Coast” Game
at McDonald’s Game Piece Request,
P.O. Box 314, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada,
E2L 3Y2

Step 3: You probably guessed it already considering what I said in step 2, but place the envelope with your address on it, inside the envelope with the McDonald’s address on it. Fix a postage stamp on this envelope and then send it.

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Important points that you must follow are, make sure everything you write is handwritten, make sure there is nothing else in the envelope, no notes, no items, just send it completely empty and make sure to send it by November 12.

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If you do all of that, McDonald’s Canada will send you back a game piece, and two game stamps as well.

It seems a bit bizarre, and you may feel like there is little to no point in doing this, but you never know, you may get that one piece that is the most valuable of them all. At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose really, so why not?

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Will you be sending your envelopes? Sabre your thoughts below.