10 hardest to find pieces in the McDonald’s Canada Monopoly


If you’re playing the McDonald’s Canada Monopoly this year, you’ll want to know your chances of winning. Get one of these pieces and you’ve pretty much won.

Monopoly is back at McDonald’s Canada is back. Just like every year, we all take a chance at finding the most sought-after game pieces. Whether you want to win one of the free trips abroad or you’re looking for cash prizes, you want an idea of your chances of winning.

There are 10 game pieces that are the hardest to find. Get them and you’ve pretty much won the prize. The other pieces out of the three or four are the easiest.

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Ready to find out the most valuable ones you want to keep? Here are the 10 hardest to find pieces in the McDonald’s Canada Monopoly.

10. Whistler

Chance of finding it: 1 in 1,285,354

If you get this one, you’ll stand a much better chance of winning the Cabel’s Barbeque Package. You’ll need Wapusk National Park and Algonquin Provincial Park to go with the piece.

9. Transcan Highway

Chance of finding it: 1 in 3,856,061

If you get this one, you have a good chance of getting a $2,600 CAD gas card. You’ll need the Sea to Sky Highway to go with this game piece to win the prize.

8. Vancouver Airport

Chance of finding it: 1 in 4,820,076

Grab this and you’ll get a seven-night vacation in the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico, all offered by Air Transat. You’ll want the three other airports to claim this prize, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax.

7. Rideau Canal

Chance of finding it: 1 in 4,82,076

You’ll get an Xbox One X and Forza Horizon 4 bundle with this prize. Parliament Hill is the other brown piece on the board you want from the McDonald’s Canada Monopoly game.

6. Tunnels Moose Jaw

Chance of finding it: 1 in 9,640,151

You’ll get a Cineplex Premiere Card, which is good for the winner and one guest for admission at all Cineplex Canada theaters for one year. You’ll need Signal Way and Peggy’s Cove for this win.

5. Perce Rock

Chance of finding it: 1 in 9,640,151

This McDonald’s Canada Monopoly’s piece is good for a $10,000 CAD cash prize. You’ll need to grab Columbia Icefield and Miles Canyon to work with it.

4. Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

Chance of finding it: 1 in 16,066,918

If you want your hands on $50,000 CAD, this is the game piece you need to find. You’ll also need to get Niagara Falls, which is actually one of the easiest to find!

3. Portage and Memorial

Chance of finding it: 1 in 19,280,302

Get a $2,000 CAD Hudson’s Bay gift card with this Monopoly piece. Sainte-Catherine Street and Robson Street are the other two necessary pieces for this gift card prize. By the way, there are other Hudson Bay gift cards available as instant wins when playing.

2. Confederation Bridge

Chance of finding it: 1 in 19,280,302

Surprisingly, it’s harder to find $5,000 CAD prizes than it is the $50,000, although this prize is in the form of a pre-paid card. However, to get this prize, you’ll need two other game pieces: Bay of Funday and Baffin Island.

1. Mackenzie River

Chance of finding it: 1 in 32,133,836

The hardest prize to get in the Yamaha Grizzly 700 ATC & a Youth Yamaha ATV. Lake Athabasca and Lake Louise are the other two pieces that you need to complete the McDonald’s Canada Monopoly board.

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Are you taking part in the McDonald’s Canada Monopoly? Which pieces have you already collected? Share in the comments below.