Starbucks rolls out Witch and Princess Frappuccinos ahead of Halloween


Halloween is almost here and Starbucks is getting into the swing of things by rolling out Witch and Princess Frappuccinos, but like everything else, there is a catch.

And it’s a great big whacking catch as well, you will need to have access, or funds, to a plane. Because these amazing looking, and no doubt delicious, Witch and Princess Frappuccinos are only avaible in Starbucks Japan.

However, let’s not get down about that, because I reckon with enough pressure on the coffee chain, we can convince them to introduce the Halloween themed drinks over here. Or at the very least, something close to it.

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According to Hypebae both of the Frappuccinos have an apple base. The Witch Frappuccino is made with a red apple compote and has a layer of crumbled caramel cookie, blended with milk. Chocolate sauce is then thrown into the mix and swirled before being topped off with whipped cream and a dash more sauce.

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When it comes to the Princess Frappuccino, the apple base is mixed with milk and white mocha, this is what gives the drink that princess like color along and its sweet flavor, it is then also topped off with whipped cream, but rather than sauce being added to the top, it is sprinkles.

Both the drinks are limited edition and will only be around for the rest of October in select Starbucks locations in Japan. So if we want to convince our own local Starbucks to introduce these interesting looking drinks, we need to spread the word now.

Witch and Princess-inspired donuts have also been introduced, in the same locations as the Frappucinos.

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What do you think of the Halloween themed Frapps from Starbucks Japan? Do you reckon we can convince our own Starbucks to introduce them over here? Share what you are thinking by dropping a comment below.