Arby’s: Duck, yes that’s right, a Duck Sandwich is on the way


No, you haven’t bumped your head or anything, it is true, a Duck Sandwich is on the way to the Arby’s menu.

It shouldn’t really surprise you to learn that although the Duck Sandwich coming to Arby’s is going to be amazing, it is a limited time menu item as well, which sucks; but nevertheless, the fact we are about to get a duck menu option is something to celebrate.

I honestly can’t think of any other fast food chain, like McDonald’s or Burger King to offer duck on the menu. This might be a world’s first. Of course, if you know otherwise please let me know.

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Anyway, back to the all-important and tasty looking duck sandwich that is about to arrive in Arby’s.

Scheduled to arrive this Saturday, October 20, a select set of Arby’s stores, 16 in total, will begin selling the Seared Duck Breast Sandwich. The meat will be cooked sous vide, and will be topped with some crispy onions and smoked cherry sauce before being served up on a toasted specialty bun.

The Duck Sandwich is a promotional sandwich that is to tie in with the beginning of the hunting season. This is where the selected 16 stores come into play, as each one of them was carefully chosen.

Each restaurant is in the “waterfowl migration flyaways,” which basically means they are all pretty close to actual duck hunting locations.

Don’t expect your duck to be fresh from the hunter, however, I’m fairly certain Arby’s is not allowed to go around hunting it’s own meat, and the last thing you want to find is some buck shell in your duck.

Although, it would be hilarious seeing an Arby’s employee running around trying to catch the meat…

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What do you think about the Duck Sandwich? Will you get one? Share your thoughts below.