When does Starbucks Holiday Drinks Menu come out 2018?


Here it is. The answer to that all-important question, when does the Starbucks Holiday Drinks Menu come out 2018?

Yes I know. Halloween has still not arrived. So it is a bit early to start talking about when does Starbucks Holiday Drinks Menu come out? But I really don’t have much choice.

Because come Nov. 2, 2018, the Starbucks Holiday Drink Menu will be out. Just days after Halloween, Starbucks is getting ready for Christmas. You see why I had to talk about it now?

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This date comes via Narcity, and because of that, there are some words of warning to give. Narcity is a really good publication, and are one of the ones you can rely on for reporting accurate news, but in terms of this particular article, it is specific to a Canadian audience.

Canadian Starbucks fans can bet on the Starbucks Holiday Drinks Menu arriving Nov. 2, but American Starbucks fans need to be wary.

Nothing official has come out from the American camp at Starbucks, if you know of one please share. An official announcement regarding holiday drinks being available in grocery stores has come out but that is it. So there is always the chance that the Nov. 2 date is for Canadians only.

I doubt it though, considering Starbucks is such a large corporate chain, I would imagine they like to keep things similar from one branch to the next, including across borders. So it’s very likely you will see the Starbucks Holiday Drinks Menu arrive at the same time.

Like I said though. Just be wary. If the drinks arrive on time and you can get a ginger-spiced drink come Nov. 2, great. If you can’t, well it sucks, but it’s not the end of the world either. They will arrive soon.

For all you Canadians though, your good, you lucky, lucky fans.

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Do you think the Starbucks Holiday Drinks Menu will arrive on Nov. 2? Share your thoughts below.