Toblerone Cake is finally here and it’s everything you dreamed


Ever wished you could have Toblerone as a cake? Now you can get an official Toblerone Cake and yes it is everything you have ever dreamed of eating.

The Toblerone Cake is finally here. Considering Reeses, Kit-Kat, and many other brands were bringing out their own cakes (big and small), it was only a matter of time that the Swiss chocolate company brought their own out. Although, it’s not the Swiss company that has created it but the Swedish company Almondy.

With thick, chocolatey layers, this is everything we’ve all ever dreamed of having. You have the milk chocolate shell packed with layers of almost paste, milk chocolate cream, and layers of Toberlones added in.

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The only downside is that it loses the traditional Toblerone shapes, but you could always cut the cake into triangles to make it feel like you’re eating a bar. The Swedish company could have added real Toberlones along the back of the cake, right? I think the creators missed a beat there.

The downside is who can get their hands on the new Toberlone Cake. It is Stateside, but right now it looks like it’s only in New York. Nobody has shared if it can be found anywhere else. Food blogger Markie Devo shared that he got it from Netcost in New York, so it could be at all other locations around the country.

Whether it will come to other stores and other countries isn’t known yet. Honestly, just knowing that there’s a Toblerone cake is out there somewhere is enough for some. The next time I’m in New York, I know where to head!

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What do you think of the Toblerone Cake? Will you head out to get your own? Share your thoughts in the comments below.