McDonald’s: What could you order on the very first menu?


Back in the 1940s, McDonald’s opened with little idea that it would become the fast food joint it is today. The first-ever menu has now been revealed. What could you order on the very first day?

If you went in a time machine to the time the first McDonald’s opened, what would you order? What was even available? The first-ever menu has been revealed and it was surprisingly different.

Sometimes you may think there’s little choice on the menu right now. We spend a lot of time getting excited for different seasons to see the new limited editions being added. Well, take a trip to 1940, when the first store opened. You may be surprised by the lack of choice.

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However, the prices were certainly something we’d love right now! You can barely feed a family of four for less than $40 now.

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The original McDonald’s menu

According to MSN, milkshakes have been around from the very beginning. The three current main flavors were also the ones that you would get your hands on! Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry? What’s your choice?

The Triple-Thick Shake was the most expensive item you’d buy on the menu too. It would set you back 20c.

Milk was also available to drink, making sure you had those strong and healthy teeth and bones. That would set you back just 12cs.

What about the food? Well, the Tempting Cheeseburger was available. This was the first ever cheeseburger on the menu and it’s still just as tempting now, right? Just normal hamburgers were also available (not surprising, considering the Hamburgler). It also shouldn’t be surprising that the hamburger was the most popular item on the menu.

You’d be able to get fries with your meals. And if you didn’t want the milkshake or milk, Coke, “Full-Flavor Orange Drink,” root beer, and coffee were all available.

McDonald’s has certainly come a long way since the 1940s menu. And it’s gotten a lot more expensive!

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What would you buy on the first-ever McDonald’s menu? What is your go-to now? Share in the comments below.