KFC Chicken and Waffles are now officially available


Available nationwide, the day has finally arrived! KFC Chicken and Waffles are now officially available for all to enjoy!

Prepare yourself waffle and KFC fans. What you have dreamed of for years has finally arrived. The KFC Chicken and Waffles are now officially available nationwide starting from today, Monday, November, 12.

First tested out in both North and South Carolina, the test was a roaring success amongst customers. Prompting the fast-food giants to bring the unique menu item to their other outlets.

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Two menu items have been added, the plate version and the sandwich version. Both are essentially the same, tasty chicken and waffles, it’s just how they have been put together that differs.

The plate consists of thick Belgian style waffles that come with either crispy tender chicken or crispy fried chicken. It’s your choice which chicken you get.

Order the sandwich and you will KFC’s chicken, the new sweet-heat honey version I believe, sandwiched between two waffles. Exactly like a sandwich.

Both options come with Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, an essential ingredient that cannot be missed out when it comes to waffles.

Sadly there is a huge drawback to both of these new menu items. They are of course, only around for a limited time. Seriously? Why is all the good stuff only around for a limited time?

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Only available until December 31, you are going to need to get down and try them while you can. This is something you do not want to miss out on. Fingers crossed they will become a recurring menu item that comes and goes, but we just don’t know right now, so get them while you can.

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What do you think of the KFC Chicken and Waffles? Will you be off to try some? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.