Is Burger King open on Thanksgiving 2018?


Need a Whopper on Thanksgiving? Will it be possible? Let’s take a look and find out if you can. Is Burger King open on Thanksgiving 2018?

Look there is nothing wrong with needing a Burger King Whopper on Thanksgiving. If you get a craving you get a craving. It’s just one of those things. But will you be able to satisfy the craving? That’s what is important here. Is Burger King open on Thanksgiving 2018?

In short yes. But there is a but. A big but.

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Burger King is open on Thanksgiving 2018 but not all of them. Only select stores will be so you will need to double check if the branch in your area is.

Now if you live in one of the big cities, or your Burger King is located in a large shopping mall that is open on Thanksgiving, then you can pretty much guarantee that the branch will be open. But this how you can be certain.

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Simply run a search online for your nearest Burger King branch. Your nearest branch will be displayed along with their opening hours as well which are fairly accurate. However you can go one step further than that.

While pulling up the branch details and their opening hours, you can get their customer telephone number as well. Every branch will have one so it should be displayed. Give them a call, speak to an employee, and ask them what their opening hours are.

And that’s it. Nice and easy. The majority of Burger King fast food chains will be open, but to be safe, run a quick search online, note their opening hours, and give them a call if you want to be really safe.

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Do you think you will be paying a visit to the King during Thanksgiving? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.