Is McDonald’s open on Thanksgiving, 2018?


Is McDonald’s open on Thanksgiving, 2018? If you get a craving for a Big-Mac or Strawberry Milkshake will you be able to grab one during the holidays?

We all get some weird cravings now and again. Cravings that need instantly satisfied. And during Thanksgiving, you might get one for a Big-Mac, McFlurry, or something else from the McDonald’s menu. But will you be bale to? Is McDonald’s open on Thanksgiving?

Well the good news is you will be able to satisfy those cravings over the Thanksgiving holidays if you do find yourself in need of some McDonald’s. Or you just need somewhere to go if you are in need of a much needed break from the family.

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However, while McDonald’s restaurants are usually open over the holiday period; there are some precautions that you will need to take.

First of all, every restaurant is different. And while McDonald’s is open on Thanksgiving. You will find the odd restaurant that does not follow this pattern and is in fact closed over the holidays. There is also the case of opening hours varying from store to store. Discretion is down to the manger/owner and they may decide to shut shop early in order to give their employees an early night off.

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So what you need to do before committing yourself to your local branch is double check the opening times. You can do that by simply searching for your local store online. Once you do so, opening hours will be displayed which tend to be fairly accurate.

If you wish to be 100% sure that it is open, then give them a call directly. Each store has a contact telephone number which you can get online. This will allow you to be speak to a staff member to confirm that they are open and for how long.

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Will you be visiting McDonald’s this Thanksgiving? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.