Is Arby’s open on Thanksgiving 2018?


Fancy a snack during Thanksgiving? Can you get such a thing from Arby’s? Is Arby’s open on Thanksgiving 2018?

We all need a good snack from time to time. The problem with needing one during Thanksgiving is a lot of our usual places to grab a snack are shut. So if you need one during the holiday, will you be able to grab one from Arby’s? Is Arby’s open on Thanksgiving 2018?

Well, I’m afraid it’s bad news, the fast food chain is closed this Thanksgiving. So good luck grabbing a snack from them if you need one.

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This is according to WTVY who have the fast food chain listed as closed during Thanksgiving.

There is of course always the chance that the odd Arby’s restaurant is open during the holiday. Those in shopping malls or larger cities may be open for example.

So, if you want to see if your local Arby’s restaurant is, by chance, open on Thanksgiving then here is what you can do.

Run a quick Google search on your local restaurant. All of the restaurant details will be displayed, including the opening hours which are usually realiable and accurate.

While you have the details in front of you, take note of the customer telephone number as well. You can then phone your local branch directly and find out specifically if Arby’s is open and what the specific opening hours that day are.

So if you do get hungry and desperately need a snack from the fast food chain, chances are you won’t be able to get anything. But you know how to check.

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Will you be visiting the fast food chain during Thanksgiving if it is open? Share what you are thinking by dropping a comment below.