Fast Food restaurants open on Thanksgiving 2018


You never know when you need to visit a fast food restaurant. But it’s Thanksgiving. So what fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving 2018?

There are lots of reasons to visit a fast food restaurant during Thanksgiving? You could be traveling to visit friends and family. Maybe you burnt the turkey and need an emergency dinner option. Or, you just have a serious craving for a Big Mac. So let’s take a look at the fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving 2018.

From the big multi chains fast food restaurant, to the not as big, but still as big multi fast food restaurant. Here is your full list of the fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving 2018. So you know exactly where to go this holiday season.

Fast Food restaurants open Thanksgiving

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Burger King

You will find that Burger King is open on Thanksgiving. However, not all of them are, and some of them alter their opening hours for the holiday. So be sure to double check your local branch is open. The best way to do that is by calling them directly.

Jack in the Box

The fast food chain Jack in the Box will be open during the Thanksgiving holiday.


The fast food kings are obviously open. If anyone was going to open during the season it was going to be McDonald’s. The golden arches rarely close their doors and Thanksgiving is not one of those times.


If you are not a fan of turkey then you can rely on Popeyes to provide you chicken.


Sonic is open during Thanksgiving but not all of them. You will need to double check your local branch specific opening times before you head down.


Wendy’s rarely closes, Christmas and New Year are really the only times they do, so head on down during Thanksgiving if you need to.

White Castle 

Just like Wendy’s, White Castle is rarely closed during the year and it’s guaranteed to be open during Thanksgiving selling Turkey Sliders.

Pizza Restaurants open Thanksgiving

(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Pizza Hut)


You should find that Domino’s will be open during Thanksgiving. So if you need a slice of pizza or two, you can. Again, just call them directly to be sure the precise opening hours for the day.

Little Caesars

Need a slice or two, or an entire pizza. Little Caesars can provide. They will be open during the holidays so if someone burns the turkey don’t panic. A cheese pizza can be delivered.

Coffee and Donuts open Thanksgiving

(Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)


America will keep running this Thanksgiving. Dunkin’ is open during Thanksgiving. So if you need a coffee or a load of donuts during the day. You can rely on them to provide. Same as everyone else, call ahead to be sure.

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Krispy Kreme

Need an original glazed donut half through the holiday? Krispy Kreme will be able to provide.


If you are traveling at all to visit friends and family and need a coffee to keep you going. Starbucks will be able to provide. The coffee giants are open.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!