Chick-fil-A nugget hack that every fan should be aware of


A genius has discovered a fast food hack that everyone should be aware of. Chick-fil-A fans listen up, this is quite simply brilliant.

Sometimes, a discovery is made that is so genius you wonder how it took us so long to discover it. A Chick-fil-A nugget hack has been discovered by a fan, and it is so good we will forever be in this person’s debt.

Posted on Twitter, @ShowOut45, shared a photo of their discovery involving the Chicken Nugget box. And it has instantly solved the dilemma of trying to eat and dip your nuggets and simultaneously drink at the very same time while traveling.

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So you know that teeny tiny hole in your chicken nugget box? The one you have stared at countless times wondering what the point of the little hole n the box is?

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Well, it turns out that is the perfect size for your straw to fit through. Which in turn, perfectly balances your chicken nugget box on top of your drink. You can see the original post on Twitter by @ShowOut45 here.

The Chick-fil-A hack instantly caught on amongst fans, not that it was really surprising because it was so good, and fans not only started talking about it but started trying it out themselves.

Check out the little video of @LilDuval trying out the Chick-fil-A hack proving that it really does work.

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What do you think about the Chick-fil-A hack? Are you going to try it out for yourself? Drop a comment just below with your thoughts.