Domino’s created a garlic bread crust pizza and it is going to be heaven


Pizza lovers! Garlic bread lovers! Your time is now. Domino’s has created a garlic bread crust pizza and it is simply going to be heaven to eat.

A garlic bread crust pizza has been invented and it’s everything you can imagine. Tasty, heavenly, words cannot really describe how good it is going to be. It’s just a shame that we cannot get hold of the new Domino’s invention.

That’s right. While Domino’s has gone and created basically heaven, it is only available in select locations. In Australia.

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So once again the very best fast food inventions are being created, what feels like, a million miles away. So if you own a private jet then you should be ok, but for many of us, we will just have to pray and hope that one day it makes it’s way over to us.

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Which could always happen. Many international food menu items have made their way overseas if they have become popular enough. And that’s the key here. If you want the menu item brought to your local branch, then you need to let everyone know.

So share on social media, tell your friends, tag your local restaurant and tell them all that you really want the Domino’s garlic bread crust pizza to not just be available in Australia. But you want the Domino’s garlic bread crust pizza available in your local chain wherever you are.

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Would you like to see this happen? Do you want the Domino’s garlic bread crust pizza in your local restaurant? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.